Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed to most common questions we get asked by our customers.

About Our Products

What is a "bespoke product"?

Our productsare handcrafted from scratch at our carpentry studio outside Faridabad, India, allowing you to create a truly unique, custom piece of furniture.

What are your products made of?

Our kitchens and wardrobes feature 19mm frames in gray or white melamine and high-quality foiled plywood doors, which can be painted in your preferred color. We offer drawer inlays. Optionally, you can choose from a number of finishing options, amongst others laminate, veneer, melamine, lacker or gloss finish. Explore additional options here.

How Customizable Is "custom-made" really?

Since we build our furniture from scratch, every element is meticulously crafted and quality-controlled. We're highly flexible with special requests, tailoring each kitchen to precise measurements, materials, and design aesthetics. Standard measurements and materials are not a constraint; you can choose from a wide range of colors, materials, and designs.

What Types of Kitchens Do You Build?

Our ability to create kitchens from scratch means we can accommodate various styles, including Shaker-style, frame kitchens, minimalist designs, and more. Each element can be adapted to your exact measurements and customized in terms of materials and design. We don't rely on standard sizes, allowing you to choose almost any size, color, and material.

Can I Purchase Worktops from You?

Currently, we do not offer worktops to customers. For guidance on worktop choices and recommended suppliers, consult your kitchen designer.


Can I Order Appliances from ISTO Furniture?

Appliance orders are available exclusively to our customers in Delhi, Haryana or Uttar Pradesh. If you reside in another province, you'll need to make those arrangements independently.

Order and Prices

How Much Does a Bespoke Kitchen Cost?

For an approximate estimate of our kitchens, visit our [pricing examples] page. Please note that each kitchen is unique, and the price depends on factors like kitchen size, special solutions, the number of cabinets, and your choice of cabinet interiors.

How Does Payment Work?

You'll pay 50% of the total cost upon confirmation of the order. Further 40% of the total cost must be paid once production is completed and your kitchen is ready to be shipped. The remaining balance must be settled once the kitchen is delivered. 

Showrooms and Installers

Do You Have Showrooms?

Our exclusive Showroom is located in our workshop in Faridabad, Haryanah. Currently, visits are by appointment through your designated kitchen designer.

The Showroom is conveniently located at Mewla Maharajpur Metro station. 

Do You Have Your Network of Installers?

Currently, our network of craftsmen and carpenters is available in Haryana, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, you'll need to collaborate with a local installer if you are located in another province. We recommend experienced installers familiar with bespoke kitchens for the best results.

Do You Make Home Visits?

Upon confirmation of your order, our carpenters will be available for final measurements in your home.

Delivery and Installation

What Is the Delivery Time?

You'll receive an exact delivery date upon order placement and confirmation. The typical delivery time is 45 days. With our Luxury edition, delivery is assured within 30 days. We take full responsibility for kitchen delivery and provide insurance during transportation.

How Is the Kitchen Delivered?

Our kitchens are delivered pre-assembled in a frame directly to your home. We handle the delivery, shipping, and insurance.